Sunday, July 12, 2009

Enlightened New Look

One of the greatest discoveries that I have made in taking a New Look At Marriage is the capacity for love that God has given to men. We have all heard for a long time about the wonderful qualities of a woman's love for others, family, friends and even needy strangers. Men, however, are usually left on the sidelines as insensitive, hardened characters whose lives need to be blessed by the loving influence of some gracious, sacrificing women that comes to save them from their isolation. Most of us men have bought into that scenario, projected by our culture and the media.
God, who is LOVE, created us in HIS own image, therefore both men and women have a great capacity for love. Men, in particular are created by God with the desire to love, protect, lead and provide for women. Our religious culture has put a limitation of one love only on that divine impulse, a limitation that is not found anywhere in the Bible. Men are then frustrated in their honest and upright desire and ability to love more than one woman at a time, by the lie, that it is a sinful and immoral impulse. My discovery of this lie and the subsequent realization that my innate capacity to morally and righteously love is a gift from God, to be embraced and exercised as God leads, is the most liberating truth I have experienced since I learned to trust Christ Jesus as Savior.