Thursday, October 14, 2010

Being The Post

Tetherball is a fast, exciting game. Players’ jump and punch the ball, batting it back and forth. There is a lot of yelling, screaming, cheering and enthusiasm in the effort to wind the rope in the team’s direction of play. Throughout the game the pole just stands there, inactive but steadfast with only the occasional vibration from being struck. Most of the excitement depends on the skill and enthusiasm of the players. But, without the solidity and security of the post, the game cannot work.

Family life is much like a game of tetherball. Several players, each, trying to win the game, all, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters are trying to reach their prospective goals. Yet, often they are playing against each other instead of working together to accomplish God’s goal for the family.

God created and designed the family to reflect the relationship between God and His people. For our families to successfully display that relationship we must operate by Gods design. He created the family with order, a chain of authority that will keep everything flowing freely. That chain looks like this:

1. God.

2. Husband/father.

3. Wife/mother.

4. Children.

5. Children becoming adults and taking their place as husband or wife in their own family.

The responsibility of leadership of the earthly family comes first to the husband. It is imperative for him to do his job well, that he listens to and follows his heavenly Father. As the principles of family order are implemented, a critical issue comes to the fore. That issue is, that humans are very human and not at all God. Humans can only do the best that humans can do and trust God to aid in their efforts. Not only, will husbands make unintended errors, but so will wives and children. The cumulative errors will often create a chaos that will require God’s intervention, as well as a good deal of grace from family members.

The Post

Just as the post is essential for tetherball, so is the husband/father significant in family life. Often, the chaos that results in the average family is not intentional, but the result of the humanity of family members. A Bible verse quoted or a discussion held will not always calm the chaos. More frequently, time is needed for God to work in the life of the family. Here is where the post must stand firm, strong and unwavering, experiencing the occasional vibration from conflict, but steadfastly clinging to the earth in which it is grounded. The husband/father must be securely grounded in his Father, God, as the rest of the family may swing to and fro, erratically at times, accompanied with sound and fury of enthusiasm, until the God of all, brings peace and victory. It is normal for us humans to have the chaos, family members may be the ball or the rope, but MEN, BE THE POST for your family.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Another look at historical marriage in the Bible

This video is a very practical, non-religous look at an optional form of marriage that may possibly be the answer to problems for many men and women.  Take a look at it and see what this lady has to say.  I am interested in your observations on her thoughts, not rants against something you haven't researched.